Vin Baker Uses Sobriety Journey to Help Those Fighting Addiction

Vin Baker uses sobriety journey to help those fighting addiction
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MILWAUKEE – After four years as a player and six seasons as a coach, Milwaukee means the world to Vin Baker.

“I played for a bunch of cities, but I’ve never, you know, felt the love like I’ve felt in the city of Milwaukee,” said Baker. “And so I feel like it was kind of destiny in some ways like that. I was brought back here for a purpose and for a reason. And this is part of my journey.”

Baker’s journey has its bumps. Alcohol played a major role in his life, but for the last 14 years sobriety has taken its place.

“It’s still one day at a time for me, and I understand, empathize, and know exactly what the attack an alcoholic goes through daily,” Baker said. “To wake up every morning and not want to use it or have to use it is a total blessing. And so I want to give that blessing back. I want to give that feeling back, that gift back.”

The way he is giving back is through the Vin Baker Recovery Center.

Baker cut the ribbon on the addiction treatment facility in the Columbus Park neighborhood. He was overwhelmed by what the day truly meant.

“You know, outside of family things and my kids and my parents, this is the most important day to me ever,” said Baker. “It’s an opportunity to help save lives, to pay it forward, my sobriety, to pay it forward. I can’t, like, quantify, quantify how important this day is.”

The center offers a variety of ways to deal with addiction.

“I can actually provide not only the hope, but I can provide the medication, the treatment, and the therapy that it takes to live a life, a sober life,” said Baker.

Baker was not alone at the grand opening. He was joined by some of his players, including his “little brother” Brook Lopez.

“He’s such a great pillar in this community,” said Lopez. “You know, he’s made a big difference for a lot of people. You know, throughout his career and in his life, he’s really seen it all, you know? So there couldn’t be a better person, a better big brother there to help take care of them and help them out.”

Baker is doing everything he can to help anyone down on their luck. His message is clear to anyone dealing with addiction.

“Your best days are ahead of you,” Baker said. “That’s what gets lost sometimes in addiction. And, in my case, alcoholism is when you think, like, the worst days are ahead of you, and you’re living your worst days. But a sober life offers your best days ahead of you.”

If you or anyone you know is fighting an addiction and needs help, visit the Vin Baker Recovery Center website

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