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Correctional Health

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    Correctional Health in Milwaukee

Correctional Health That Makes a Difference

It is estimated that 11% of 18-25 year olds and 6% of those over 25 years old have a substance use disorder. It is estimated that 63% of people in jail and 58% in prison have a substance use disorder. People with these disorders have challenges in getting appropriate treatment, and often incarceration exacerbates their symptoms. This can lead to individuals staying incarcerated longer than those without behavioral health concerns.

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Providing Ongoing Care for Those in Need

Vin Baker Recovery partners with local jails and correctional facilities to provide initiation of services as well as ongoing care for those who become incarcerated.

If you are interested in discussing a potential collaboration with your agency or organization, contact Elizabeth Collier, Vice President of Government Affairs and Business Development, at BCollier@vinbakerrecovery.com

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    Screening for SUD.

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    In-reach peer support services and education.

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    Pregnancy support services and education.

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    Coordinate care to other community providers.

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    Medication delivery and counseling services.

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    Telehealth services.

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