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About Us

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    Our Story

It Started With a Simple Idea.

At Vin Baker Recovery, our mission is to give the members of our community access to mental health care and recovery support so they can treat their addiction and get back to living their lives.

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Our Vision at Vin Baker Recovery Is to Treat, Educate, and Motivate Individuals Impacted by Substance Use With a Continuum of Care That Empowers Individuals, Families, and Communities.

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    What we do

Treatment Plans Tailored to You

Every recovery story is different. At Vin Baker Recovery, we customize your treatment plan to fit your needs and your life. This may include:

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  • Peer support

    Peer Support

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    Correctional Health

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    Elevate Your Business

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Get in touch today to learn how Vin Bakery Recovery can help you take back your life.

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Your life is waiting for you. Vin Baker Recovery is here to help you overcome addiction and get back to what matters most.

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